Lambert Habonimana
CEO and Director

Lambert is pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at Africa University, he is passionate about Web Design and Modern Technologies. An Humanitarian and activist skilled in women Empowerment. An Africa University Student Ambassador and he is a transformers Club Executive

Seraphine Ntahombaye
Operations Manager

Seraphine has a Bachelor Degree in Economics, she is passionate About Women empowerment and she is a humanitarian

Jovithe Hatungimana

Miss Jovithe is pursuing a Bachelor degree in Economics and she is passionate about Empowering Women and she is a humanitarian. Currently Miss Jovithe is an Africa University SCR Finance Secretary Assistant

Nyasha Muteerwa
Sales and marketing Director

Nyasha is pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and works with Royal Secrets Perfume Company. She is an Africa University SRC Finance Secretary. Nyasha is passionate about Women Empowerment-centric.

Thierry Barata
System admin and Training Manager

Thierry is a MasterCard student pursuing a Honors degree in computer science at Africa university in Zimbabwe. He volunteered with CIYOTA in Information technology department in uganda. On top of that, Thierry works with Volcano tech hub Inc as system admin and treasurer in DRCongo

Patrick muyali
Project Coordinator and IT Expert

Patrick Muyali is a MasterCard Foundation Scholar, currently pursuing an Honor’s degree in Computer Science at Africa University. Previously, Patrick volunteered with CIYOTA as a computer trainer and lab manager in Uganda. In addition, while at CIYOTA, he led the team of web developers, which developed a professional website for CIYOTA. Patrick has worked as well with Kivusoft Technologies a Webhosting and software company in DR Congo as head of design